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20 May 2018
This project is very unique, in which Maasai women in their traditional way have embroider the leather for shoes and bags-and in return the opportunity allow the women to improve the quality of their lives, and their whole tribe through fair wages...
NFM is the original shopping market and largest outdoor retail event in Nairobi. Some of the products that will be showcased include high fashion, general clothing, latest trends from upcoming designers and an assortment of gifts, bags, shoes, jewellery..
The West Africa Trade Hub (WATH) prepared this Export Guide of best practices for West African businesses that intend to export apparel products to the United States, Europe and other western markets...
The report focuses on the powerful US cotton lobby which funds American politicians, as well as detailing the challenges faced by the C-4 which are among the least developed countries on earth....
The cotton sector is central to Africa’s efforts in fighting poverty. It provides income for millions of people, especially those living in rural areas, and is an important source of foreign exchange earnings...
Ten years after Agoa was passed, opinion in US policy circles appears to be quietly coalescing around the idea that it has failed to deliver on its aim to grow Africa’s manufacturing sector. Agoa’s expiration, along with eliminating the comparative...
Best Practices
Johari is a quality fashion label that combines the best of Kenyan and UK design. The philosophy behind Johari is to produce clothes and jewellery that are not only beautiful, but ethical too...
Meeting point
Modahnik is a women’s contemporary clothing line influenced by the dichotomy of the vibrant African culture and landscape as well as modern contemporary West that was launched in 2009 by Congolese fashion designer Kahindo Mateene....
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