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22 April 2018
The West Africa Trade Hub (WATH) prepared this Export Guide of best practices for West African businesses that intend to export apparel products to the United States, Europe and other western markets...
The report focuses on the powerful US cotton lobby which funds American politicians, as well as detailing the challenges faced by the C-4 which are among the least developed countries on earth....
Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries have the greatest potential to be competitive in the production of cotton yarn, fabric, and other textile and apparel inputs, but they face numerous challenges, according to U.S. International Trade Commission USITC...
The paper you will find on the link below is a report on the future of the Sub-Saharan African clothing and textile industry, edited by Herbert Jauch / Rudolf Traub-Merz for FES. It is an interesting document and has a lot of good findings...
Paper presented at the African Union Conference of Ministers of trade 29th October – November, 2010.
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