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22 April 2018
About us

TUNE-IN is a guide created to support the fashion business just in time. Nowadays when goods cross the borders freely, undergoing diverse changes in different countries, there is still fear of borders, customs or language barriers amongst the businesses.

TUNE-IN brings us across these borders and translates into the language we speak the words of Nicollo Machiavelli: "the entrepreneurs are the people who understand that there is a very little difference between the obstacles and the opportunities and they can turn both into their advantage."

Here we learn the latest news, we get acquainted with the experience of global companies and we see where we are compared with the competition. We read about the road to success of the winning companies and we plan the achievement strategy of our companies.

The last dynamic years have defined winners and losers on the global fashion market. There will be new winners and new losers. The hardest part is yet to come. The companies that have their strong brands must continue with their march. Their followers will grow into companies that control their own destiny.

Globalization creates fierce competition but also creates incredible opportunities. From the pages of the TUNE IN project we reveal the secrets of marketing and the fantasy of the designers in order to support companies that have decided to become successful global players.

The information available on this site comes from various sources and is selected by Mr.Robert Alexandriysky, honorary member of the Managing Board of the  Bulgarian Association of Apparel and Textile Producers and Exporters and co-founder of Association of fashion and textile designers in Bulgaria. Currently mr. Alexandriysky is a researcher of global fashion markets and Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing and Management with Raffles Design Institute - Beijing, China (current resume download pdf (47Kb)).    

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Tune-In :: Textile Universe News